The Prevalence Of The Power Of Women

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The prevalence of the power in women has increasingly developed through the prehistoric and ancient times in human art history. By gaining more valuable and prominent meaning through the eras, women as a societal gender have increasingly advanced from being seen first as solely objects of maternality, to later seen as functioning and flourishing members of society. Through the analyzation of well known ancient art sculptures, such as The Venus of Willendorf that is on display at the Vienna Museum of Natural History in Austria, to the later Figure of Isis-Aphrodite that can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the advancement of appreciation and awareness of the capabilities of female can be clearly extracted and observed.
Overseas in Austria, you can find the sculpture of The Venus of Willendorf, which is dated back to about 24,000-22,000 BC, being inclusive of the Paleolithic age (the Old Stone Age). She was carved from limestone and is only eleven centimeters in height, small enough to be held in palm of the hand. The Venus of Willendorf is one of the oldest and most popular of all the similar fertility figures known in prehistoric art history. The Venus of Willendorf was sculpted with extreme exaggeration of reproductive female body parts including her breasts, stomach, and hips. During childbearing, swelling and tenderizing of the breasts occur, in addition to the widening of their hips, and of course the growth and protrusion of their bellies. When
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