The Prevalence Of The Problem Of Drug Smuggling

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Drug smuggling is considered as one of the illegal trades responsible for creating diverse negative impacts on the society as well as the global community, hence, the concerted efforts placed by many governments targeting at curbing it. This essay aims at analyzing the prevalence of the problem of drug smuggling in various countries and to point out potential reason that escalate the menace despite existence of efforts targeted at preventing it. Furthermore, the paper targets at offering reasons that prompt an individual to engage in smuggling activities as well as the resultant consequences to the society. Finally, it will offer recommendations on the best course of action that will foster prevention of the problem of drug smuggling in the global community.
Drug Smuggling
According to the United Nations office dealing with drugs and crime, the term drug smuggling is defined as an illegal trade encompassing manufacturing, cultivation, sale and distribution of illegal substances. Regardless of the efforts put by the government to curb it, drug smuggling is increasingly becoming prevalent in various countries including the United States as well as other developed countries. For instance, the government of the United States spent over two trillion dollars in the past fifty years trying to curb the growing problem (United Nations, 2009). Many reports have been made by a number of countries with Mexico appearing to stand stall. The problem of drug smuggling in the united
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