The Prevalence Of The Zika Virus Essay

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Project Description
The prevalence of the Zika virus is increasing drastically in the United States. The CDC (2016) informs that there is currently a total of 32,725 people affected by this virus, with 98.74% locally acquired mosquitos-born cases and 1.24% travel-associated cases. The CDC also informs that the Zika virus is growing worldwide. Countries need to be prepared and strengthen detection and prevention, as well as care and support for people with this disease. This rapid growth of Zika virus has yet to be met with a large scientific response. It presents many urgent and challenging scientific questions. In an effort to raise awareness in the communities and help prevent the extension of locally acquired mosquitoes-born cases all over the U.S, we decided to elaborate a project that would be focused on prevention and education of the Zika virus, in affected and non-affected communities in the U.S.
The primary purpose of this project is to educate families and the community about the potentially dangerous impact of the Zika Virus. In fact, it is important to raise awareness of the Zika virus as a public health threat to pregnant women, their fetuses, and others in the United States. Working at the community level would help the communities to work together against the health determinants that impact the prevalence of Zika virus in the community. To reach our goal, we envisaged establishing a partnership with communities’ leaders, who are able to impact their community
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