The Prevalence Of Women Faked Their Orgasms

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In case four, Karen is in a new relationship and does not feel relaxed enough to climax in front of her partner so she has been faking orgasms. According to the article, “coming to power: women’s fake orgasm’s and best orgasm experiences illuminate the failures of (hetero)sex and the pleasures of connection.” Breanne Fahs claims, “The prevalence for women faking orgasm is remarkably high, with studies consistently showing that over half of women have faked orgasm, with many women faking consistently. One study showed that women faked orgasm during 20% of their encounters, with many women faking it far more often than that particularly with male partners while engaging in penile-vaginal intercourse. Clear gender differences exist in perceptions about faking orgasms, as most men reported that they do not know when women faked their orgasms” (975). There can be many reasons why a person would fake an orgasm such as, fear of hurting the partner’s feelings, physical exhaustion, wanting the sex to end, or avoidance of conflict with their partner. A way to overcome Karen’s obstacle would be to open up their sexual communication. Everyone is different when it comes to sexual satisfaction and it is important to communicate what the person’s likes or dislikes. “The notion of sexual agency has become of particular concern for sex researchers interested in women’s embodied sexual selves, as women who assert their sexual needs, refuse unwanted sex acts, proactively engage in what they
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