The Prevention Of Breast Cancer

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INTRODUCTION: One of the most common malignancy among women is Breast cancer. Many neoplastic deaths have been witnessed because of the Breast cancer. It holds the stats of effecting about 10% of the women all over the world at some stage of their life [1]. The threat of Breast cancer starts from the puberty stage and rises gradually till the peri- menopausal years when it has reached to its maximum level of occurrence [2] . Speaking about the statistics in United States alone one in eight women over their lifetime has the risk of developing breast cancer. It is considered as one of the most threatening cancer among women. About one in three cancer diagnosed it is found to be breast cancer. The data shows that conditions has been worst as the incidence rate keeps on increasing, with a survival rate of 88% after five years from diagnosis and the survival rate is recorded as 80% after ten years of diagnosis. Considering of the flow up process, an early prediction of the breast cancer is the key to fight this disease. The number of false positive and false negative decisions can be considerably reduced using data mining techniques [1]. The diagnosis of the Breast Cancer is done by classification of the tumor. The tumor is of two types benign or malignant. The malignant tumor is cancer. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the type of the tumors for the physicians. An appropriate and reliable detection system is therefore needed to detect the malignant tumor. There is…
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