The Prevention Of Cervical Cancer Essay

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1. A) Nowadays, all the nations releases many health promotion programmes related to diseases. Therefore,Ministry of Health in NZ is mainly focus on early detection of diseases especially in diagnosing cancer. From that one of the foremost programme allied to women cancer is cervical cancer screening in Pacific island woman. Cervical cancer is the most leading disease problem in NZ which is more in the pacific area .Cervical cancer is the cancer of the cervix. It is a preventable disease which is detected in early. In NZ the rate of screening is still increasing because of the introduction of National cervical screening programme which was launched in 1990. The programme represents the reduction of cervical cancer in early stage and to reduce the number of deaths. Through the screening programme more than half of the woman can prevent from cervical cancer. The main purpose of the programme is to give proper awareness about the regular screening and the follow up screening. The programme also tries to address decreasing inequalities between the Maoris and non-Maoris in health and to improve the health of the woman in NZ. b) Cervical cancer issue is began or intervened from different extents .it is listed below • Publications related to cancer that is cancer –historical summary (1948-2011). It keeps the record of new patients and death happened in that year. The other publications are cancer- new registrations and deaths 2012,national collection and surveys
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