The Prevention Of Crime

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Crime prevention is an attempt in the reduction and deterrence of criminal activities and criminal behavior. Prevention of crime is applied specifically to the efforts made by governments and the communities to reduce crime, enforce laws, and maintain justice. The first crime prevention division formed In the United States was in Berkley, California in 1925. It was the first of its kind in police history. Deterrence is a theory about preventing or controlling actions or behavior through distress of punishment or reprisal. Deterrence shapes the criminal justice system of the United States and various other countries.
Why do some youths get caught up in violence while others do not? This question is very hard to explain, and there are a multitude of theories over decades attempting to answer and prove that one factors, multiple factors or even ... are the reason youth grow into delinquents/criminals or steer away from it. Early intervention may not always be available for a child exhibiting antisocial behaviors at the initial point, but interventions during adolescents, even after delinquency may still prove beneficial. The “school-to-prison pipeline” is a
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Henry Fielding, who started his adult life as a writer, became a justice of the peace in England in 1748, Fielding had two goals, stamp out existing crime, and prevent outbreaks of crime in the future. He created the first neighborhood watch. His work with the English justice system led him to be called the “Father Of Crime Prevention.”The first police department was the metropolitan police of London. It was formed in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel who continued the work of Fielding. Peel felt that the efficiency of the police should be judged by the absence or presence of crime. He also felt that the distribution of crime information is essential to public safety. The officers of the metro police were called “Peelers” and “Bobbies”, after their

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