The Prevention Of Infection Control

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The purpose of this essay is to tackle the importance of infection control. It will begin with presenting the prevalence of infection in the health care setting. It will provide discussion infection control practices and measures that will break the chain of infection while presenting the problems or issues that arise in such practices. A wide range of literature will be provided in order to support arguments. At the end of this essay, recommendation and inputs for future practice will be discussed. Infection control is becoming a major issue and concern for the health sector all over the world especially with the increasing and alarming antibiotic resistant infections. (DH, 2003) In the health care sector in New Zealand and other developed countries, healthcare associated infection is one of the most common adverse events, four to ten percentage of patients acquire one or more infections during their time in the hospital . (HQSC, 2015) It is known that infection has increased significantly hospital cost and lengthening hospitalisation stay, in addition, 25,000 patient death has been associated with infection . (Borton & Mcleane , 2000) However, despite the ominous number, the situation can be improved through simple measure with strict implementation to prevent the chain of infection from being completed. The World Health Organizationhas identified the Infection Control Program to hold a unique and vital position in the field of patient health, safety and quality as it
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