The Prevention Of Violence And Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

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Committee: GA3 - The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Issue: The prevention of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
Student Officer: Sarah Lim
Position: Chair of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Gender identity and sexual orientation is one of the more stigmatized and marginalized aspects of self-expression for any human in our society today. A state or country with a more liberal take on the expression of gender identity and sexual orientation tends to be more prosperous, in terms of happiness, simply because people can freely be themselves and be with their loved ones without fear of persecution, discrimination or even
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Gender Identity: An individual’s inner sense of being and ones own understanding of how one identifies either as a man, woman, neither or both.
• Biological sex: The physiological attributes, which determine whether a person is male, female or intersex based on anatomy, chromosomes and hormones.
• Gender expression: the ways in which a person expresses their gender identity by manifesting masculinity, femininity, both or neither through behavior, appearances, preferences and more. Topic Summary/Overview
Before further investigation it is important to keep in mind that the LGBT community usually faces discrimination in terms of job opportunities, income, access to basic healthcare, legal recognition of same sex partners etc. however, one of the more serious difficulties the LGBT community faces would be exposure to violence and discrimination simply due to their identity and orientation. This may occur due to one’s state and judicial system or in terms of hate crimes encouraged by an anti-LGBT community along with prejudicial ties in religion and culture
Often so prejudice against the LGBT community is caused by the stigmatization of homosexuality, which had previously been labeled as a mental illness, or an ailment of one’s spirit, as well as having to be strongly correlated towards AIDs due to past events. Therefore the more traditional general public sees people of the LGBT community, as well as their efforts to achieve their rights, as a threat to ones values
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