The Prevention and Misconceptions of Sucide

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The natural end of every human life is death. Some people, for unknown reasons, choose to end their own lives. Suicide is the action of killing oneself intentionally. Suicide kills more than one million people per year. People who are suicidal are often misunderstood as people who cannot be helped or who are just crazy. Others often think that suicidal individuals will be suicidal regardless how others treat them (both positively and negatively). Although, the truth is not all suicide can be prevented but most can. Suicide may be avoided though knowing the warning signs, school interference and going through therapy.
Although, to rational people suicide never fixes anything but, to suicidal individuals it is the only way of escaping their
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Whether it is said nonchalantly or jokingly it still should be taken seriously. The second sign is seeking out deadly items; meaning looking for guns, medications, knives, or objects that can be used to attempt suicide. Suicidal people will figure out a way of how they would like to commit suicide and they will seek out the means to do so. This is a major sign that should be recognized and acknowledged due to the fact that they already know a way of killing themselves. The third sign is having a preoccupation with death. Many suicidal people will start to revolve themselves with things regarding death such as, books, essays, websites, or even writing poems or stories about death. The fourth sign is having no hope for the future. Suicidal people are usually depressed and have no hope for the future. They will feel that there is no way out of what is happened and that things will never get better like they are just trapped (“Suicide Prevention”).
The fifth sign is self-loathing/self-hatred. People who are suicidal will hate themselves and will feel guilty, worthless and shameful. The sixth sign is getting their affairs in order; meaning that they will start to make a will, they will start giving away prized possessions and they will start making arrangements for family members. The seventh sign is they will start to say goodbye to loved ones and friends. There will be unusual or unexpected visits or calls to family and friends and they will be

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