The Prevention of Crime

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The Prevention of Crime

Steven Fernandez CJ212-01
Kaplan University 2/10/2013
Crime Prevention is the key to keeping citizens safe, and the goal of police departments nationwide. In order to understand how to prevent crime we must look at the reasons crime occurs. Crime by definition is “the act or commission of an act that is forbidden, or the omission of that duty that is commanded by public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law. The prevention of crime takes many shapes in order to be effective. We will evaluate what some of these steps are, to establish a basis for prevention of crime.
In law enforcement crime prevention takes its most important stand. Crime prevention in law enforcement
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Another theory that has been contributed to the prevention of crime is that of cognitive behavioral therapy for both juveniles and adults. The main focus of behavioral therapy according to Clark (2011), therapy has played a key role in reducing recidivism rates among juvenile prisoners, violent offenders, and substance abuse. Clark states in his work that the therapy assumes the patients can be conscious of their own behavior and thoughts, and thus able to make a change of a positive nature. This emphasis on the prevention of crime is extremely useful, due to the reduction of recidivism. By reducing recidivism you can know worry more about rehabilitation of the offender, and not having to come up with new methods and resources for stopping them.
The prevention of crime will ultimately focus on the part of law enforcement, and their styles to proactive policing. This proactive result relies on the arrest initiated by police officers rather than arresting someone after a call for service has been received and investigated. Other ways such as readjusting resources to ensure extra patrol
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