The Prevention of Cyberbullying

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In the virtual playground of the Internet, bullying persists with new forms and faces. Bullies can hide behind anonymous user profiles online, creating an environment in which young victims have no direct resources. Effective methods of controlling the problem of cyber bullying are necessary to prevent problems such as suicide. One student in Iowa committed suicide after bullies at his school posted that the student was gay on Facebook; as a result of this and related suicides, the state of Iowa is redefining what cyber bullying is in order to prevent it (Wiser, 2012). However, preventing cyber bullying is more difficult in some ways than preventing standard types of bullying. Cyber bullying is also a "rapidly increasing social problem" ("Cyber-Bullying: More Definitional Issues"). It is important to figure out what the main victim groups are, in order to develop targeted solutions. Some sources show that middle school is the "peak" time for cyber bullying and that resources to prevent it should be diverted to that age cohort ("Cyber-Bullying: More Definitional Issues"). Cyber bullying can also occur in conjunction with traditional forms of bullying, adding a verbal dimension to physical aggression. Much of the time, cyber bullying is meant to humiliate the victim, and has grave psychological and social consequences. Cyber bullying can occur in social media forums like Facebook, as well as in text messaging or emails. One of the main problems with developing strategic
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