The Preventive Approach Of The First Policing System Essay

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Since the emergence of the first policing systems, there have been many different types emerge throughout different periods in history. The three main types of policing have been preventative, reactive, and proactive. These were each created in their own times to help combat crime or to aid the publics general safety. Each were suited to society’s needs at the time, the technology, and the diversity of the people. The preventative approach focuses on preventing future crime. To do this the police use methods such as patrolling areas where crime rates are higher to deter criminals. The reactive approach was more of a crime fighting mentality, where the focus was on arrest rates and response times. Police officers were very detached from general society and the us vs them mentality was strong within the force. The reactive policing style came about due to the technological advancements being made in the field such as having patrol cars instead of foot patrols, thus, taking the officers out of the public (Goff, 2017).
Proactive policing began to emerge in the 1970’s in a hope to rebuild the publics relationship and trust in the police officers through the idea of policing by consent. This method of policing requires the police to control crime through more positive methods and involving the community in the overall prevention and deterrence of crime. For the purposes of this paper I will be focusing on the proactive style of policing, and more specifically community policing
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