The Price And Availability Of The Product

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The price and availability of the product is acceptable alternatives, which places a ceiling price that can be charged to producers and sellers of the product quality can be upgraded to a void, to reduce costs through cost reduction, or because they are separated from their product and its alternatives, the alternatives may be made inroads with its sales and profits low growth for the rate risk. Retailing industry, as mentioned, there is a more number of competitors. This is the total of all the companies in the industry, prices can go down to the enmity of the main force. For example, the name of the retailing industry as an alternative force of Sainsbury 's Warehouse Warehouse offers the lowest prices and most of the products they offer will be of equal quality to match. Switching from another chain, a relatively low-cost or fuss for the user, so that the industrial Substitute energy is very high. The quality of the warehouse and at the same time while driving down costs and open up an avenue to differentiate from their competitors. Warehouse was founded from both internal and external analysis of the company 's philosophy is that the main problems that the people did not have to expand their growth in the global context. Companies such as suppliers and colleagues and their competitors, especially in their strategic direction (Fredrickson, 1991), to position themselves in relation to the ways in which the internal capabilities and linkages by modifying their abilities to
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