The Price Family In The Poisonwood Bible By Barbara Kingsolver

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All families have conflicts, and the Price family, from the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, were no exception. The Price family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Price and their four girls, Leah, Rachel, Ruth May, and Adah. The conflicts between the Price children and their parents, particularly their father, are obvious and frequent. Leah, the oldest of the four girls, and her father have a very patchy relationship. It is not just Leah who has a problem with most of her father’s opinions. All four of the children have many negative feelings towards their controlling father. Throughout the whole novel, Mr. Price acts very selfishly. The stressful move to Africa did not relieve his self-centered ways. He moved his family across the Atlantic Ocean and into a very different lifestyle than the one in which they had currently been living. This was a very conceited act. Not only is Nathan greedy, he is also stubborn as a mule. “It’s hard to imagine a mortal man more unwilling to change his course than Nathan Price” (Page 96). This is a problem for the entire family. His headstrong personality puts his family in a lot of situations they would have liked to avoid. The women in his life always seem to be the last thing on his mind. Whether it is the fact that he embarasses them or puts them in danger, it does not seem to matter to him.
In the beginning of the novel, Leah practically worships her father and makes it obvious by saying, “Not everyone can see it, but my father’s heart
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