The Price For Mortality Is Priceless

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The price for mortality is priceless but we find that teenagers and young adults all have the ability to make their own choices. The story of___________ will become the trilogy for an in depth look at how teenagers exist. The story will date back to the earlier prehistoric times of 5th Century and the times of the renaissance when culture was first recorded, involving modern times of war in Afghanistan and Syria.

Dedication and Opening
The devotion of this book is in memory of the people who was willing to sacrifice their lives and to the families and service members that serve today. I would like to thank my family for serving in the military in a time of war and a time of peace. I also would like to thank all of my supporters and followers, for giving me a faith to follow in the name of lord Jesus king over all of Gods creation. I pray that God bless all of you in all that you say and all that you do, and may the lords face shine upon you and give you peace. I pray that God gives us guidance in our time of need, and spare thy rod against us.

PREGNANT TEENAGERS With consideration of the two teenagers that became pregnant and now beg to come home. There should be some understanding of obligation and the outcome of course, by some individuals, and does not mean just citizens of your country (“yourself”) or your (“neighbor”) consider freedom fighting, and realize that you as an mentored terrorist, even have the capability of taking someone
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