The Price Is Wrong : The Value Of Women

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The Price is Wrong: The Value of Women in The Waste Land The Waste Land written by T.S. Eliot is said to be the most important poem of the 20th century. This poem is quite lengthy and composed of five sections that include many underlying themes, which is what makes the poem itself so significant. One of the topics that is mentioned most is the subject of women, and this is not done without purpose. A question left up to readers is whether or not this publicity is negative or positive. Although Eliot mentions women frequently, in The Waste Land, they are represented in an inferior manner, devaluing their worth. At first glance, the various references and themes may be hard to follow, but the many stories told of women are rather straightforward. These stories are predominantly, told by men and reveal the view that the speakers and society have on the women they introduce to the poem. The section titled, “A Game of Chess”, mentions Philomel, referencing the mythological story of Philomela. The tale of Philomela is quite well-known, in which Philomela is raped by King Tereus, then turns into a nightingale. This is the first mention of rape in The Waste Land, but certainly not the last. Eliot desribes the act against Philomela as, “So rudely forced…” (100) providing valid support to the argument of the degradaton of the worth of women. The fact that nothing is done about the act against Philomela shows that men of status, or in general, during that time could get away with such
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