The Price Of College Education

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The price of college education should be adjusted so that all students have the opportunity to get a better education without having to be in debted by student loans for, on average, the next twenty-one years of their lives because everyone deserves equality in education, there are brilliant people that cannot afford to go to college, and it would decrease the percentage of poor and indebted households in America. Over the years in the United States the price of tuition for colleges has grown tremendously becoming out of reach and unreasonable for some people. The first colleges in the United States date back to the 17th century. The goal of these facilities were to supply the curious and hard-working with an opportunity of a higher and more…show more content…
Many people are attending college for the sole reason that when they get their degree that they will have a higher paying job. Due to this increased demand of a college education the price of college education in the United States has exploded. The more people that want to get a degree and a higher education the easier it is for the colleges to raise their prices and keep college as a premium of life rather than a normal thing that most people can do. The colleges are already making a huge amount of profits from tuition and boarding. They could lower their costs and thousands of more students would be able to afford a college education and they would still be making plenty of profits to fund any projects and employees…show more content…
People who wanted an education when America was booming and becoming a great economic country would only be able to find by means of raw money that they already owned. In the 2000s people who want an education to better their lives, but don’t have the funding will take on student loans. Most people find some sort of financial aid when going to college to aid them in their expensive, but exciting journey to their degree. Those aids are mostly federal student loans. They are made to sound very reasonable and inviting with decent fixed interest rates and the receiver does not have to start paying them until they are graduated and have received their degree. The thing that they don’t tell people is that these loans stick with them during bankruptcy and that the average bachelor’s degree holder takes 21 years to pay back their student loans. Saying that the average college graduate, if they came right from high school to college, is 22 years old. The average person will be 43 years old when fully paying back student loans. For the remainder of the student loan receivers’ youth after college they are having to worry about money and where they are spending it. The longer they take to pay back the student loans the more and more the value needed to pay back builds up. These people are trying to find homes and raise children while having tens of thousands of dollars in debt that they are not sure if
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