The Price Of Happiness By Carl Richards

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The Price of Happiness Does the thought of a brand new pair of shoes fill your heart with joy? If so, would you still feel the same about those same shoes ten years from now? Most likely, the answer to the second question is no. That is the point that Carl Richards is trying to make in the article, The Odd Relationship between Money and Happiness. When searching for a topic to write about, I came across this article. I found it on the New York Times website. Richards claim is that money does not contribute to happiness, overall. This is because having money will always lead to the desire of feeling the need to have more, whether it is luxuries or money, itself. Although I agree with Richards up to a point, I cannot accept his overriding assumption that money does not support happiness.
Richards’ article is to serve an important message: that money is not the key to true happiness. He believes that there is not a correlation between money and happiness and that you certainly cannot buy it. He explains that money may attempt to pursue happiness, but will fail. He points out that there are so many people who are happier with less than what most people have. In the 6th paragraph, Richards states, “If you believe that happiness can be reduced to a functional equation up to $75,000, then how can you explain all those stories of people around the world with very little money and a whole lot of happiness (Richards 2)?” What he means by this is that, if someone less…
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