The Price Of Motherhood By Ann Crittenden

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The Price of Motherhood Essay

The Price of Motherhood Essay
The Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittenden describes what mother’s give up in order to raise their children. It looks at things such as the mommy tax, why mothers are underappreciated, and what changes can be made to counteract that. This paper gives an overview of what mothers give up, why they are forced to give up what they do, an opinion change of motherhood balanced with a career, and a proposal that is believed to benefit mothers the most.
The price of motherhood is the collective sum of all that women give up in order to raise their children. Mothers have difficulty finding jobs, or keeping the ones they have once they have their first, or in some cases second, child. They have trouble finding a schedule that fits their needs and employers that understand what mothers go through. As a result, many mothers quit their jobs. Other mothers, who remain stay-at-home, do not receive any benefits from their hard work. Divorced mothers also tend to receive little child support, since they did not bring in any income themselves.
The mommy tax is the attempt to place a cash value on the price of motherhood. The mommy tax has disparities, due to different people taking into account different things. Some include unpaid work that the mother does. Some include the hours that they are not working at their job, or would-be job. Others may include promotions.
The mommy tax of Crittenden was…

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