The Price of Progress: How Much Are We Willing to Pay?

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The Price of Progress: How Much are We Willing to Pay? In this day and age, various terms associated with economic development came about as means of measuring the well-being of each individual in the society such as per capita income, gross domestic product (GDP), gross national product (GNP), unemployment rate, literacy rate, and many more. The emergence of these terminologies is due to the consideration of government planners of each nation to make a step forward to reach economic development. Of course, compromises should be done in order to acquire the advantages brought about by the ideology of progress. But if you will come to think of it, what is the price to achieve them and how much are we willing to pay? The government…show more content…
These effects are suffered by the tribal people upon forcefully taking part in the world-economy market. Their state of self-sufficiency vanished along with the changes to take the step “forward”. Also, the present society having higher rates of malnutrition and crime, and depleting natural resources shows a lowered standard of living since these problems did not exist before. However, this argument can be viewed in which these problems might already be occurring a long time ago but it is not noted since there are no records or methods devised to acquire the necessary information. It is difficult to verify this claim because of the lack of information. Another argument presented is that economic development increases the occurrence of diseases by the sudden vulnerability of people to different kinds of bodily diseases, traditional environmental diseases, and poverty diseases. These are evident in the society that could have their roots from the deterioration of natural resources because of pollution that can greatly affect the health conditions of the people. It is sad to say that the drastic changes happening holds true in almost every nation. It is common knowledge that some human activities are contributors to the increased pollution in the society such as the production in the factories, kaingin system, and many more. The genetic adaptations or resistance of the traditional populations are altered due to the
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