The Price of Unethical Behavior

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2005). So when it is time for someone to take the fall the CEO pretty much has signed up for the job in order to ensure that he or she do not falter as the CEO. The CEO must ensure that the people working for the company will hold the same standard as the CEO. The people and the systems that they use for reporting and accounting are all the CEO has to back them when issues arise that may question the integrity of the CEO. In the case of Kozlowski, it appears that the right system and people were backing him to ensure his integrity was intact. Martin and Combs describe whistleblowers and how they can be key in keep high level Executives in line or helpful to the board's decision to remove a CEO before harm it does to a company (Martin, J. A., & Combs, J. G. 2011). This example leads one to believe that these key personnel or policy was not in place to ensure that the company is not prone to an incident like the one that put Kozlowski in jail. Evaluating the Outcome of Events It starts out with his Leadership that taking a company to the top moving from 1.5 billion to 100 billion.(Kaplan, D. A. 2009) Though the increase in capital was a major accomplishment, the company was making money from the start just not as much as he leads them to after he stepped into the position. He turned a productive company into even better company for all of the major stakeholders of the company. Then some bad choices
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