The Priceline Group : The World's Leading Provider Of Online Travel

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INTRODUCTION The Priceline Group is the world’s leading provider of online travel, travel related reservations, and search services ("Overview - The Priceline Group," n.d.). Through The Priceline Group’s online travel agent, they are able to provide service to consumers, as well as local partners, in over 200 countries ("Overview - The Priceline Group," n.d.). The Priceline Group is made up of six primary brands:,, KAYAK,,, and OpenTable ("Overview - The Priceline Group," n.d.). The company first launched their business in the United State in 1998 under the brand and since then they have expanded and acquired, KAYAK,,, and OpenTable all of these brands, are independently managed and operated under The Priceline Group ("Overview - The Priceline Group," n.d.).

How a TDABC analysis can be implemented and how it will benefit The Priceline Group Using a time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) analysis can simpler, cheaper, and more powerful than using a conventional activity based costing (ABC) (Kaplan & Anderson, 2007). TDABC simplifies the costing process by reducing the interaction needed with employees that was previously used to decide the allocation of resource costs to activities before driving them down to cost objects (Kaplan & Anderson, 2007). TDABC now assigns the time and the cost of an activity to the cost object based on the characteristics of each object

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