The Primary Causes Of Cervical Cancer Essay

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Abstract The primary cause of cervical cancer in women is Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is an infection transmitted through sexual intercourse (Buchwald et al 2014). In all cultures around the world, there is the recognition of the vulnerability of the sexually active, young women. Also, measures are being taken by various countries to introduce the HPV vaccination. However, the various efforts have not been successful due to the emotional charged and divisive social nature of the sexual behaviors of the active, young women as well as the sexually acquired infections. This research presents a study on the American Indian women, their attitude and knowledge towards the HPV vaccination. The research then uses the findings of the study in exploring the implications for the nurses who are dealing with the area.
Problem Statement Cervical cancer is second among the most common cancer that affects women globally. The challenge towards the measures taken to reduce the disease among women is the lack of proper information on the link between the disease itself and the leading cause of it. The disease can be reduced by limiting sexual partners and practicing safe sex, which are challenging and difficult to promote. Therefore, one of the effective ways towards reducing the various cases of cervical cancer is through the HPV vaccination. Most women do not have the information on the connection between cervical cancer and HPV. Consequently, there is the uncertainty among women
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