The Primary Causes Of Mass School Shootings In America

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Mass school shootings have become a disturbing trend in this country in the last two decades. According to the FBI, mass shootings (defined as shooting events that kill at least four people) occur approximately every two weeks in the United States (Manson). This baffling trend has left families and communities devastated with some having no concrete answers as to why exactly they lost their loved ones to these tragedies. Why have there been so many school shootings recently? Questions such as this must be answered, and they must be answered soon.
My answer to this problem is that the media spends far too much time covering these incidents and gives the killers the attention they seek. If they simply stop giving the killers that attention, the number of school shooting will drastically decrease.
After every school shooting, most people can personally witness how certain parties and groups jump in and use the tragedy to promote their suggestions or push their political agendas.
During this time, gun control advocates campaign for stricter gun laws. Mental health advocates use this chance to bring up the faults within our healthcare system. Although these groups do bring up some valid arguments, none of them can be labeled as the primary cause of so many school shootings. I believe the reason that is to blame for the majority of these school shootings is the insane media coverage of the shootings and the killers because it gives the killers the attention that they seek. Through
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