The Primary Differences Between Public Health And Medical Care

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In my research, I found that the primary differences between Public Health and Medical Care are Public health focuses on preventing illnesses and Medical Care focuses on healing patients we are already ill (Montero, 2010).
I also understand that the “mission” of the Public Health organizations focus on the entire community vs one person and in contrast perhaps is Medical Care and Medical Care facilities are more focused on the individual. Both, although separate in their goals, are interconnected in terms of the overall health and well-being of the community.
Some examples of Public Health is the first state established Board of Health set up in 1850 in Massachusetts to enforce sanitary regulations published in a report by Lemuel Shattuck. The report recommended a number of items including medical surveys and studies, censuses on diseases, and the “supervision of water supplies and waste disposal systems” (Williams, & Torrens, 2008). The primary Medical Care facility examples would be a typical hospital, urgent care facility, primary care physicians practice, and other medical specialists such as a cardiology practice.
There are pros and cons to both “systems” and one of the pros of a Medical Care facility is that it treats the urgent need at the time such as a broken leg or a patient that might need surgery for appendicitis, but it is not a healthcare facility, it is a Medical Care facility. So why is this switch in term important? It is important because typically the
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