Essay The Primary Goal of Reconstruction after the Civil War

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After four years of fighting between the Union and the Confederacy in the American Civil War, it was finally decided in 1864 that the 11 southern states that seceded from the nation would be restored into the Union once again. However, the problems of reconstructing the Union were just as difficult as the war itself had been. Because most of the war was fought on Southern ground, the South had been devastated both physically and economically. Helping former slaves and making state governments loyal to the Union also presented various problems that would take years to resolve. The primary goal of Reconstruction after the Civil War would have been- in my Reconstruction Plan- mainly based around the integration of freed African Americans…show more content…
It is my wish that these newly freed African Americans be integrated into American society as ordinary people. However, it would be difficult to make African Americans feel like real citizens in our country when they are constantly being harassed by individuals and hate groups in the south such as the Ku Klux Klan. In my Reconstruction plan, freedmen would sometimes have to be separated from racist whites in the South to ease their transition into society. Over time, segregation would be done away with once more people in the south are ready for it. Initially separating freedmen and southern whites would be necessary to avoid further conflict in public.
In regards to who should be able to vote and hold office in the New Southern States, we believe that freed black slaves should be allowed to vote. This was a problem before with people in the south and the KKK so additionally, we plan to have separate voting stations for black people where white people cannot harass the black for going to. However, over time the voting stations would be integrated as southerners got used to free blacks in the south. A new requirement for running for office will be that the runner must have had pledged their allegiance to the Union in form of legal document. My reconstruction plan has these requirements because I do not want the same
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