The Primary Goals Of The South

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Following Reconstruction, the primary goals of the South alongside the rebuilding of their infrastructure, stabilizing and industrializing their economies and divesting from the agrarian focus was the education, training and job placement of the newly freed men. Not the freedmen as a whole but specifically the freed men. There was no effort or attention given to the more than one million women who too were freed, it is in this action where we find the marginalization of the minority within the minority begins. In her memoirs, Sophia B Packard, Co-founder of Spelman College, an all-girl historically black college, described the deplorable conditions of black women in the south, stating that many of them were “impoverished, landless and illiterate.” With these conditions the options for black women during the time were slim to none, they could stay at home and raise their children or enter domestic servitude. At this same time black men were the topic of much deliberation about how best to advance themselves and further their stations in life. When the topic of “what to do with these Negroes” was discussed this did not include black women. Black women during this time had a backseat to the nationwide discussion about how to best educate and uplift the black man. The leaders of this movement were Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. Washington was of the belief that hard work and economic gains were the primary paths to equality and assimilation into American Culture,
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