The Primary Healthcare Approach ( Phc ) Essay

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The Comprehensive PHC Approach Introduction The Primary Healthcare Approach (PHC) aims to provide healthcare for all in South Africa. One of the principles of the PHC approach is that of multi-professional teams. As a developing Integrated Health Professional (IHP), I will be a part of the healthcare system as a doctor, and therefore play a critical role in the comprehensive care approach within the broader PHC. Method As part of my research for this essay, a wide variety of sources were consulted. Readings were done from the prescribed textbook, Fresh Perspectives, visits were made to various primary level facilities within the Western Cape metropolis and finally an interview was conducted with Dr. D Richards from my own profession. Comprehensive Care Comprehensive care within PHC refers to the elements of health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services in a collaberative effort to treat health needs at an individual and societal level. This aims to treat patients in a holistic manner rather than a pure biomedical or hospital based approach. The four elements of comprehensive care are discussed next (Alperstein 2009: 5). Curative care is the identification and management of health problems enabling the cure or limitation of a disease (Alperstein 2009: 5). This is usually achieved by medicine, surgery or an adaption of lifestyle activities. Traditionally these services focus on the effect on the body but biopsychosocial aspects are
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