The Primary Path High School

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Chapter 1 The majority of jobs in America are filled by people without a four-year degree. While these positions don’t need to be filled by a college graduate, they do generally require that the some level of skill in order to be a qualified candidate. Individuals can obtain skills by earning an associate’s degree, becoming certified, or through on the job type training. When examining the current education system, there is an unbalanced concentration on college preparation. Secondary schools have a narrow view of each student’s future and it includes passing the college entrance exams and enrolling in a four year college after high school graduation. This path is excellent for those students with the desire for a more specialized career that requires continuing on at the university level. However, this need not be the primary path high schools direct students to take. The fact that high schools have become institutions where the student must conform to the high school’s vision of their future if they want to be successful needs to be addressed. If they are doing such a great job preparing our nation’s youth for college, then why has America steadily dropped from being the most educated country in the world to being one of the lower ranking countries? A report from Georgetown University addressing the nation’s recovery from the 2008 economic crisis discusses what the job market will look like through 2020. It was not a surprise to see that only 35% of jobs will…
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