The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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The prime of Miss Jean Brodie tells the story of a middle aged teacher at a very orthodox school that has a very unorthodox way of teaching. The story unfolds with the introduction of the six girls; Sandy Stranger who is a small eyed member but famous for how she pronounces her vowels. Rose Stanley who Miss Brodie insists will be famous for sex. Mary Macgregor is considered the scapegoat who no one really likes. Monica Douglas was a prefect and famous for math and her anger. Jenny Gray, famous for her beauty and grace, later lands her in acting school. Then there is Eunice Gardiner who is known for gymnastics and swimming. Finally, there is Joyce Emily who came in the group last. She is a misfit that has come from other schools and is looking to fit in and lands in Miss Brodie 's group. Ms. Brodie hand-picked these girls as her elite group later known as the “Brodie set.” Ms. Brodie not only teaches them during their junior high years but she continues to influence them through adulthood by manipulating them physically, mentally and spiritually. As readers we are aware of her manipulation as early as the first five pages of the book when she describes choosing these girls and telling them what they will be known for in life. Throughout the rest of the story one will see how she tells them how to walk, talk, act, and even who to have relationships with. This paper will show how Miss Jean Brodie’s fascist ways of teaching such as manipulation, uniformity, and loyalty has
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