The Prince

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The United States has been at the forefront of international affairs for many years and has gotten to a point where the democratic nation has established a strong political influence, a political presence that sends shockwaves throughout the international arena whenever nations display political indifferences; some of which may involve the United States. If tension were to ever arise between feuding nations, a proficient and skilled leader must take ahold of the matter and find all possible solutions to diffuse the situation in order to protect the public interests of it’s citizens. As a representative of the United States and their international policies, a successful secretary of state must be able to project themselves with an…show more content…
Machiavelli went on to make several observations that seemed to portray a ruthless and savage leader that will do absolutely everything they can in order to get what they want. First, he advised that conquering nations injure the nations they are attempting to overcome by exterminating existing families of power to avoid their threats that may be inflicted on their own nation. Second, he discussed the effectiveness of colonies and how he believes they only should harm the few poor people who are forced to lose their property so that they may not be in any position whatsoever to harm the prince (or leader). As ruthless as it may sound coming from an individual who previously displayed characteristics of a successful adviser he makes the famous statement that “people should either be caressed or crushed…if you do them minor damage they will get their revenge” he later went on to mention that “if you cripple them there is nothing they can do. If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.” In today’s modern world and international affairs, if the secretary of state or president of the United States for that matter mentioned the idea of extermination
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