The Prince Of Los Cocuyos : A Miami Childhood By Richard Blanco

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According to Li Keqiang, a leading economist in China “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” In the autobiography The Prince of Los Cocuyos: a Miami Childhood by Richard Blanco, Blanco writes about how his and his family’s experiences of emigrating from Cuba to a country that is so abstract to their own, have contributed to helping him discover the type of person he strives to be. Richard’s family faced struggles that brought them out of their comfort zone in order to assimilate into the American culture. My transition into college from high school is similar to that of the Blanco’s because assimilating into a new physical, social, and academic surrounding is challenging yet rewarding. At the beginning of The Prince of Los Cocuyos: a Miami Childhood, Richard convinces his grandmother to shop at Winn-Dixie instead of their local family-run Cuban market. Richard is exuberant about going to Winn-Dixie because he knows that there is an array of choices that the store holds, but his grandmother is reluctant to embrace her new surroundings because anything American is intimidating to her. Discovering the FIU campus for the first time was similar to Richard and his Grandmother’s experience because the high school that I went to, is miniscule compared to the massive size of FIU. When I first drove into FIU the entrance alone was an indicator that the university was nothing like Miami Killian Senior High School. The entrance onto the university grounds

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