The Prince and Utopia

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The Prince and Utopia

The Prince and Utopia are honored as masterpieces that show two differing styles of government. Both books have many similarities and differences in the governments that are in the their respective stories. Many ideas from the governments they portray have profound impacts on our modern government such as various political principles like the military, economy, and religion. The Prince and Utopia are both interesting novels that show creative styles of government. The Prince could be described as a guide to obtain and keep your power as a ruler while Utopia is describes itself as the most suitable style of rule and government. The Prince talks about how a ruler should always be on top of everything when it
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In the Prince, Machiavelli writes that it is "better to be both loved and feared." (The Prince) Machiavelli describes how it is important to be seen as powerful to your subjects, but you should not be so evil that your subjects may actually want to rebel. In Utopia, More wants a government where the leaders try to do their best to bring happiness to all of the country. The Prince comes from the notion that you must have complete psychological control over your people to really be able to have power. In Utopia, the leaders' important goal is for everybody to be happy and satisfied. Only this would bring a peaceful and prosperous society. Another big difference between the two books is both of the governments have different views on war. In Utopia, "nothing is more inglorious than that glory that is gained by war." (Utopia) The Utopians obviously hate war very much. The only time they want to fight is if their country is in danger of attack. The Utopians may even hire mercenaries to help them fight their battle. The world described in the Prince bases their success in war and battle. The world is very violent as the ruler can do anything to show their power from killing anybody suspected of being rebellious. The ruler, of course, must also engage in many battles to acquire new lands or to protect from invaders. Utopia and the Prince are different because the Utopia shows a world who strives for peace and no fighting while the world in the Prince is
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