The Princess Bride Analysis

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The Princess Bride
Written By: William Goldberg
Original Writer: S. Morgenstern
Report by: Sophie Godek
Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Romance

Plot Summary: As a young child, Buttercup never worried about anything. She just rode her horse and teased the farmhand, named Westley. Then, one day, something happens. The girls of her village stop talking to her, won’t even look her way. When she asks why, she is told it is because she has stolen the boys of the village away. Every day, the young men crowd around her house and make fun of her, saying that she thinks she is too good for any of them. One day, Buttercup realises that she is in love with Westley, and runs to him, begging for his affection. He admits he too felt something for Buttercup, but has to go away. While he is gone, news spreads around that Westley is dead and that the Dread Pirate Roberts has killed him. At the same time, the prince of Florin hears of Buttercup’s beauty, and wishes to marry her. Although Buttercup does not love the prince, she agrees to marry him because he threatens to kill her. When Buttercup is kidnapped, a man in black goes to take her from the kidnappers, and it turns out to be her supposedly dead love, Westley. This tale of passion, death, and high adventure will leave the reader wanting to read more.

Main Characters:
Buttercup: The daughter of a humble farmer, with great beauty and a tragic past, marries Prince Humperdinck after he threatens to kill her
Westley: The man Buttercup loves,
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