The Princess By A Prince With True Loves Kiss, And The Little Mermaid

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Every Disney movie tends to have flaws when depicting “happily ever after” and “true loves kiss” it depends on the male in the story to make the princess sincerely happy. In many cases, she gives up everything for this perfect ending she has no say in. This has come to include the loss of her family or her autonomy. The princesses are rarely educated enough to save themselves thus making them reliant on the male character. The films stress the importance of beauty to having meaning to the future male that is the only one able to give any princess her happy ending. Without this beauty they suggest that a different ending would take place. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid all rely on a prince to give them a “true loves kiss” and a “happily ever after”.
In all three movies the princesses are rescued by a prince with true loves kiss, but the love in all three cases is based only on outward appearances on both ends. This very shallow criteria for the prince and princess involves absolutely no real conversation on any subject of significance. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel does not talk at all to her live interest Eric and he was about to marry someone else just based on the other woman’s voice and nothing else. This shows just how little thought is put into such a big life decision by someone in power. In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora and Philip share only a song and short dance before they each decide they are in love with one another. From only this experience Philip
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