The Princess Ideal Beauty And The Beast

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As I walk down Main Street USA at Disneyworld in Florida, with the smell of fresh baked candy sitting in the air, and seeing the dressed up characters walking around, seeing all the little girls dressed up as their favorite princesses, I can 't help but wonder how Walt Disney took something from his imagination and made it into what it is today. Growing up, every little girl dreams of being just like the princesses that they see in their favorite Disney films. Whether that be Jasmine from Aladdin, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast, every little girl dreams of finding their own prince charming, getting married, and living in a castle far far away. Even when we look around in our society, we see the princess ideal that is shown to young girls, where ever we look we are shown this. When little girls first see a Disney Princess, they are presented with the ideal women, long perfect hair, flawless skin, small waist, and long legs. Also, most of the time (minus Cinderella) always have flawless clothing that they wear. This appeals to almost every little girl that sees this, and reinforces the ideal that little girls need to be like the princesses that they see on the movie and television. Disney has regularly played up the role of the female in their films and television shows. Now, whenever we look back at these movies and television shows as we are older, we can now see these roles that we could not see as children. Now, when we watch a Disney film, or show, we are
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