The Princess Of The Mermaid Queen

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Once upon a time in a kingdom deep in the ocean there lived a mermaid queen who had 6 mermaid princesses for daughters. The youngest and most rebellious princess was named Aria. She was 16 years old, and was not as uptight as her sisters. Aria was not your typical princess, she didn 't swim straight or comb her hair out every second of the day. She loved adventures and to have fun with her friends under the sea. Aria 's mother the Mer-Queen did not approve of Aria 's behavior. She always felt like her rebellious princess should be more like her other 5 sisters. Well mannered, confident, and polished. Every morning Aria would swim out of Atlantis and on to land. She loved being on land, and watching all of the happy people sing and…show more content…
When she took her first steps on land she tipped over, and a man caught her from falling over. They both stared at each other. She had never seen someone so handsome, and strong. He picked her up and helped her walk over to his castle. “You must have really been through something, I have never seen you before. What is your name?” the prince asked “I am Aria, I am here visiting some family. I do not exactly know where they are.” Aria explained “Well you are more then welcome to stay with me, we have plenty of room in the palace. What is your name?" "Ari. Aria. My name is Aria." She giggled. "Oh wow, what a beautiful name. My name is Anthony, just Anthony. Here is the palace, come along." The prince smiled at her, and stared deeply into her green eyes. He had never seen someone so beautiful. "Oh wow, this place reminds me so much of home. It 's all so beautiful" Aria said as she ran into the castle. Anthony introduced Aria to the maids, and he told them to take care of Aria. Give her new clothes, and run her a bath. He was so sweet to her, and Aria had no doubt in her mind that they 're be married soon enough. The maids walked Aria over to the bathroom, and gave her a new beautiful gown, and the first pair of shoes she would ever put on her feet were the most beautiful she had ever seen. They were gold slippers, with beading and crystals wrapped all around them. Aria set the clothes aside and stepped into her bath. The water felt
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