The Princess - Original Writing

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In a land far away there was a queen and a king called Nicola and Dean she had just given birth to a beautiful young princess called Chloe. There kingdom was holding a carnival for the newly born Princess. Everyone had their fanciest clothes to attend the carnival.

The King and Queen had gotten Chloe into her new gown and when she got outside to the carnival they were attacked by ninjas, and they took Chloe. It was later figured out that the princess had special powers and that they could be used for good or bad. The Queen went in to a massive panic and the King hid in his bedroom so he didn’t have to face the outside world because he was scared that he would be taken out by ninjas as well.

The ninjas had taken Chloe to a deserted
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When they were all asleep she took all of their keys and went to the closed doors but when she walked in she found a room that was full of pictures about the royal family and there was stuff about all the powers that she had and how to work them but her adopted family said that they didn’t know anything about them so she didn’t know how to use them and at the end of the room there was a picture of her and there was the plan of what happened at the kidnapping.

Chloe had made a plan to escape so when she went outside she ran off with a bag and she got to the end off the island and found a boat. She didn’t know how to drive a boat but she was going to get off this pathetic island anyway. She had hated I ever since she started walking, her adopted family had given her everything that she wanted but all the time she had sent there she had never had any friends or proper family and she didn’t even know if her name was Chloe anymore.

When she had got into the boat into the water she tried to row it but then she found out it was a fully equipped speed boat that was regularly used but she didn’t know who was using it so when she started the boat she found the ninja outfits and figured out that they were all ninjas and they still were even since the kidnapping. She absolutely infuriated with them she trusted them her whole life
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