Essay on The Princess and the Pilot

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Eve felt something soft, sharp, and icy cold touching against her cheek. When she tried to move and realized she couldn’t, she figured that she was either frozen solid or buried deep beneath a thick layer of heavy snow. Her body was so numb from the bitter cold that she couldn’t tell whether anything was pressing down on it.
She tried to remember how long she’d been out. Had she been knocked unconscious...No. No, then she remembered. She’d been sleeping, in the balloon. But how had she ended up on the ground?
But before she could come up with any sort of an answer, she heard someone cry her name, and in an instant she was scooped up from the snowy ground she had been laying upon. “Eva,” she heard a voice say. It was full of relief, and she recognized it instantly.
“M-Momma?” Not realizing they’d been shut this whole time, she opened her eyes. She was seated in her mother’s lap, between a handful of pine trees whose tops extended beyond their vision, into the blur of the endless blizzard that was raging around them. “What...”
“It’s alright,” her mother said. She was doing her best to console her, even though Eve could tell she was just as worried. “I’m sorry...It was only a little accident. Everything’s alright now.” She smiled down at her, putting as much into it as she could. “Are you alright?”
“I...I guess so.” Eve shivered. “I’m...cold, though...”
“I know. Come here.” Her mother took her in her arms and held her tight against her, so that Eve could…

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