The Principle Of The Principles Of Enterprise Architecture

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Principle 1
Primacy of principles
These principles of enterprise architecture apply to all business units within the enterprise.
The only way we can provide a consistent and measurable level of quality information to decision-makers is if all business units with Lotterywest abide by the principles.
• Without this principle, exclusions, favouritism, and inconsistency would rapidly undermine the management of information.
• System related initiatives will not begin until they are examined for compliance with the principles
Principle 2
Maximise benefit to the enterprise.
Enterprise architecture decisions are made to provide maximum benefit to the enterprise as a whole
This principle embodies
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Lotterywest policy is to abide by all laws, legislation and external policies regarding the collection, retention, and management of data. This will not preclude business improvements that lead to changes in policies and legislation.
• Lotterywest must be mindful to comply with laws, legislation and external policies regarding the collection, retention, and management of data.
• Education and access to the rules. Efficient, need, and common sense are not the only drivers. Changes in legislation may drive changes in our processes or applications.
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Principle 7
IS responsibility
IS are responsible for owning and implementing IS processes and infrastructure that enable solutions to meet user-defined requirements for functionality, service levels, cost, and delivery timing.
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• The IS function must define processes to manage business unit expectations.
• Data, application, and technology models must be created to enable integrated quality solutions and to maximise results.
4.2 Data Principles
Principle 8
Data is an asset
Data is an information asset that has value to Lotterywest and will be managed accordingly.
Data is a valuable corporate resource; it has real, measurable value. The purpose of data is to aid evidence-based decision-making. Accurate, timely data is critical to accurate, timely decisions. Most corporate assets are carefully managed and data is no exception. Data is the foundation of our decision-making, so we must also carefully manage data to ensure that we know where it is, can rely upon its accuracy, and can obtain it when and where we need it.
• This one of three closely-related principles regarding data: data is an asset; data is shared; and data is easily accessible. All Lotterywest decision makers should understand the relationship between the value of data, sharing of data, and accessibility of data.
• Data owners must have the authority and means to manage the data for which they are
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