The Principles And Definitions Of Total Quality Management

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Total quality management is the quality emphasis that comprehends the entire organization, from customers to stresses a commitment by management to have a continuing companywide drive toward excellence in all aspects of products and services that are important to the customer. In such a competitive environment resulted from world globalization and liberalization, firms survive with much difficulty unless they create competitive advantage over their competitors (Adam et al, 2001; Samson & Terziovski, 1999; Terziovski & Samson, 1999).

Therefore, TQM refers to a management process and set of disciplines that are coordinated to ensure that the organization consistently meets and exceeds customer requirements. TQM engages all divisions, departments and levels of the organization. TQM companies
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(1987). So, most of the quality concepts which mentioned above focuses on providing a product that satisfies and meet the customers’ needs. Quality is therefore extremely necessary for the organizations to ensure that they have delivered their products or services according to the customer expectations and requirements.

Definitions of Total Quality Management
Numerous definitions have been given on Total Quality Management (TQM) by quality gurus, practitioners and academician. Besterfield defined TQM as both a philosophy and a set of guiding principles that represents the foundation of a continuously improving organization. It integrates fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts and technical tools under a disciplined approach (D.H. Besterfield, 1995). Using a three-word definition, Wilkinson and Wither defines TQM as below

Total: every person is involved (its customers and suppliers)
Quality: customer requirements are met exactly
Management: senior executives are fully
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