The Principles And Ethical Strategy Of Management

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Ethics are important in an organizations structure. This is something that usually starts with the leaders and trickle down to other employees in the company. The leader of an organization needs to how to get the right people for the job. Leaders have to pick people that put emphasis on what is right and people that want to help others. Ethics and morals play a huge part in the success of a company. The organization must have leaders that can create and execute an ethical strategy for the company.
Setting the tone at the top is the best way to create and execute ethical strategy. Management has the responsibility of making sure that the company is run effectively and efficiently. The principles and ethical strategy of management builds a foundation and determines the purpose of the organization. This should include honesty, truth, morals and integrity. Everyone within the organization should be aiming for the same goals from an ethical stand point. Management has a very important role in the ethical development of the company.
Next, the leaders should establish a standard of conduct. The leaders and management have to be committed to focusing on operating under an ethical standard of conduct. Organizational culture determines whether the company acts in an ethical matter. According to Gamble and Thomas 2011, “The fallout of ethical misconduct on the part of a company goes well beyond just the costs of making amends for the misdeeds. Buyers shun companies known
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