The Principles Centered Leadership By Stephen R. Covey

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Through careful, calculated progression Principle centered Leadership presents a plan that first prepares the leader him or herself, then illustrates how to use that leadership to manage an organization. Author Stephen R. Covey introduces the notion that we as individuals and organizations need to not only survive but also to thrive in the faces of adversity, change and success. Despite their efforts to improve, countless companies continue to fail all the while spending millions of dollars, time and effort every year. Reversing this requires the full measure of individuals’ creativity, talent, and energy in the midst of this changing adversity. At the fundamental root of this success is balance; balance in our personal life, family life, and professional life, which is discussed in great detail throughout the text.
What Covey offers is principle-centered leadership: a long-term, intrinsic approach to developing people and organizations. The key to dealing with today’s challenges is the integration and employment of a principle-centered core within each individual as well as within an organization. Covey offers insights and guidelines that demonstrate how these principles can be applied both at work and at home which lead to an increase in our productivity and the quality of our work. It also leads individuals to a new appreciation of the importance of establishing more personal and professional relationships as they strive to enjoy a balanced, rewarding
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