The Principles Of A Nonprofit Board

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Results and Discussion Ownership Prior to constructing a nonprofit board, the basic responsibilities and duties of its members must be determined. These functions are steered by the organization’s mission and goals. BoardSource (2012) furthers this by stating, “The board should review the mission periodically – for example, at the beginning of every strategic planning process – to make sure it remains useful and valid” (p. 9). A NPO’s mission and vision statements communicates the organization’s purpose, identifies the group(s) it serves, and provides direction for how the organization will achieve these goals. It is important to understand that these statements are not solely external messages, however, they are also used internally to stimulate and impact the board and staff, establish goals and evaluation measures, and stimulate successful governance through the strategic planning process. Board members who are entrenched in the mission are better able to fulfill their governance duty as it keeps the organization’s true focus at the forefront of decision making. The research NPO has bylaws for the board, which outline the duties of care, nevertheless, both the chair and the CEO are reviewing these bylaws to verify that the organization is operating in alignment with them. The next steps for the research NPO is to determine if the bylaws or operations should be revised to be aligned with the organization’s mission and vision statements. The research NPO’s board
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