The Principles Of Becoming A Servant Leader

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Accepting the position at UCCC stimulated a nervous feeling that overpowered the feeling of excitement. One of the first task that needed to be done was to write my own job description. This was the first sign that lead me to believe that I walked into a turmoil. However, my preconceived ideas quickly disappeared as I realized this was my opportunity to grow as a leader and to lead the staff to their own success. While working at UCCC, I was reading the principles of becoming a servant leader which influenced my decisions in the office. According to James Hunter leadership is the skills of influencing people to enthusiastically work toward goals identified as being for the common good, with character that inspires influence. With influence we build more effective relationships than managers. With these principles in mind is how I approached the very first issue I encountered at UCCC. Upon learning that two nurses failed to show up to work, patient files were not stored properly, and the front desk assistant was allowing phones to go unanswered, I knew these were symptoms of a dysfunctional organization as James Hunter described. These issues were immediately addressed with the lingering thought that this behavior needed to be monitored more closely. James Hunter discusses in his text that managers will do things the right way while leaders will do the right thing for the people they lead by giving them what they need and not what they want. I needed to determine what my
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