The Principles Of Building Relationships With Children

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Some of the principles of building relationships with children, young people and adults are to be caring, understanding, respectful and accepting of other people for who they are. Building relationships with children needs extra attention as they can be very impressionable and the way we behave with them could affect the way they behave towards others, so being a good role model is very important. Setting agreed limits and boundaries with children will mean they learn what acceptable behaviour is and what is not and will help them to take responsibility for their own behaviour, in a school setting this could mean having a written agreement. Likewise with young people and adults you need to have agreed levels of acceptable behaviour when building relationships. Having respect for other people’s opinions and views and allowing others to express themselves even though we may disagree is also very important, as is letting children have their say. Treating others the way we would like to be treated ourselves and encouraging children and young people to do the same is an important lesson in relationship building as is being able to express our emotions and feelings openly but in an appropriate way. Encouraging children and young people to recognise and deal with emotions and feelings in a positive way will help build better relationships with adults as well as with each other. Maintaining a sense of humour and making things fun will go a long way towards building positive
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