The Principles Of Communication And Communication Behavior

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Letter of Advice Quinton Edwards COM200: Interpersonal Communication Joshua Misner Ph.D. June 27, 2016 It is great to see that you are getting married, but more importantly that you want tips and information on how you can communicate with one another appropriately and sufficiently to make your marriage last. Communication is not just listening and talking, but it involves wanting to maintain a healthy relationship, support on another, and identify with one another. As you continue to read my letter of advice you will see that I will be explain all the things that will help you communicate and not just talk at one another. Communication is a process not just listening and speaking. Explain the principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communication There are several principles to effective communication and they are: Take responsibility for your communication behavior. Frist, strive to be truthful, accurate, and clear in your communication with others. Secondly, remember that communication involves shared meaning. Each person in an interaction and not just the sender who has an equal responsibility to work toward achieving this mutual understanding and interpretation. Next, you must acknowledge that your view of a situation is only one of many views. We need to take the perspective of other people and consider how their point of view makes sense to them. Then we must respect others as well as yourself. As we communicate we need to strive for win-win
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