The Principles Of Goal Setting Applied

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Written Assignment Unit 7 How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case? The overall goal in “Job Redesign for Expanded Function” is to discuss a transition from the use of paper-based health records to an electronic health record (Layman, 2011). By making this shift, the work environment is becoming more efficient, organized and being more environmentally friendly. In order to do this, there needs to be a work and job redesign, which can be a time consuming task (Layman, 2011). The paper goes on to discuss the best way to achieve organizational goals being re-engineering, restructuring,work redesign and job redesign (Layman, 2011). As mentioned earlier, work and job redesign play a key role in achieving the goal to switch…show more content…
There were many areas where job enrichment could be implemented. Factors like employee boredom, low moral low accountability, and delays in decision making were places where job enrichment could help change behaviour. However, it 's not without risk. Some of the risks that can come along with job enrichment are qualitative and quantative overload, role ambiguity and conflict and unhappiness about pay (Layman, 2011) All these factors need to be considered when enriching an employees work. I would think the best way to incorporate job enrichment in this case would be to outline the new roles that need to be accomplished and find out a way to identify which employees might have the proper skills. Also, involving the employees in this discussion helps them voice their strengths and would be a way to change someone 's job role to something that may be more desirable. Some people are more tech savvy than others, so it might be a good idea to pinpoint who might adapt to this change the quickest and give them some new responsibilities. What were the outcomes of job enrichment in the HIS Departments? As the electronic health records become intergrated into the system, there has been at least 29 new roles that need to be implemented. Most of these jobs have been distributed to current employees and added to their set of tasks they need to perform (Layman, 2011). It 's possible that along with new
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