The Principles Of Goal Setting Applied

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1. How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case? The article we are studying addresses the issue of how to improve the work-flow and general working conditions &motivation of staff working within Health Information Services (HIS) Departments. Their job is “to assist all departmental members to work smarter” (Layman, Elizabeth J, 2011). In order to achieve this they can work together with “health information managers and directors” to “redesign [both] work and jobs” (Layman, Elizabeth J, 2011). The ways in which the basic principles of effective goal setting operate in this particular context are based on the elaboration of what are commonly known as SMART goals. These are a specific type of goals, which have a more comprehensive and longer-term objective than ordinary goals, in that these goals are not only very specific but also measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (Layman, Elizabeth J, 2011). This means that they must not be abstract, unclear in nature or unlikely to come to fruition. We can see clearly in the article that this type of goal-setting strategy would have to be actively engaged in the “re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign [and potential] job redesign within an HIS department, and particularly where it concerns the measurable aspect of these SMART goals, as this is how HIS department managers would be able to gauge the long-term effectiveness of any new structures, work-flows and technology they might put in place as a result
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